2020 ACT Canberra October Election Candidate: Dr. Krishna NADIMPALLI, OAM

August 6, 2020

Making Canberra the Best Place to Live, Work and Start a Family.

Passionate and charismatic, that is how most people would describe Canberra Liberals for Yerrabi Candidate Dr. Krishna NADIMPALLI, OAM. The said 2020 ACT Canberra October election candidate exudes the confidence that brings both influence and inspiration - uniting Canberrans to work together for the betterment of the community. To know more about the candidate, let's find out who really is Dr. Krishna Nadimpalli, OAM.

Who is Dr. Krishna Nadimpalli, OAM?

An environmental scientist by profession, Dr. Krishna Nadimpalli uses his work to promote inclusivity and diversity in Australia. He has founded several community organisations and influenced them to focus on sustainability. In 2019, he was awarded with the Medal of Order of Australia (OAM) for promoting collective representation and multiculturalism through Community Leadership, Walk for Farmers, AusIndia Fair, Prisoners Rehabilitation, Parliamentary Submissions and Bilateral Relations.

Humble Beginnings

Born from a farming family in India, Dr, Krishna Nadimpalli became determined and committed to gain qualifications from international institutions. With his 30 years of experience in science-based government agencies, he was able to create an efficient system for Australian disaster risk reduction decision making in all levels of government. With his dedication to inclusivity, he also contributed in capacity building for developing nations and global consortiums to build capabilities for disaster management, climate change adaptation, risk assessment and urban planning.

Inclusivity and Multiculturalism

In order to provide collective representation of communities comprising linguistic, students, youth, women, sports and volunteering in Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Dr. Krishna Nadimpalli took several initiatives to promote the community harmony and inter-generational values. He is actively contributing the Indo-Australia bilateral relationships and facilitated delegations to explore potential areas of collaboration and be advocate for both sides of governments.

Serving for Empowerment

With a real heart for service, Dr. Krishna also builds communities and support small businesses. He believes in stand up as a leader and mentor youth to make a better future and create happy society. We have everything to live happily but still there are many people living with trauma. His ambition is to thrive in assisting policy, governance, philanthropy and spiritual to trauma free, de-addition in society and enhance well-being.

What Happens If Elected?

Dr. Krishna Nadimpalli vows to strengthen Canberra's economy to create more jobs and help families. Along with the Canberra Liberals, he would also push to reduce the cost of living by freezing rates and provide access to reduce waiting times. He would also improve transport to reduce commuting time and develop education standards. Lastly, with his skill set and experience, he would protect the local environment for a sustainable future for all.

Dr Krishna NADIMPALLIOAM Liberal for Yerrabi. As a candidate of the Canberra Liberals for Yerrabi, I am interested to listen to your views on local and territory issues. The Canberra Liberals will make Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family. If elected, we will: 
	1 Strengthen Canberra's economy to create more jobs and help families
	2 Reduce the cost of living by freezing rates
	3 Provide better access to reduce waiting times 
	4 Improve Transport to reduce commuting hours 
	5 Improve education standards 
	6 Protect the local environment for a sustainable future for all
	Call 0499 199 910 or email krishna@canberraliberals.org.au