Dr Krishna is committed to serving people in need and providing leadership. His work involves leadership in community representation, humanitarian, parliamentary submissions, building facilities and institutions, enabler for spiritual and linguistic education, empowering small business and organising events to celebrate diversity. 

Community  Leadership

Community Languages Meeting

Krishna moved to Australia in the year 2000, since which he has supported many individuals, also taking an active role in community engagement. To enable local communities, he established several organisations and provided leadership.

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Humanitarian Initiatives

Krishna has been active in humanitarian initiatives involving compassion. By providing leadership to organisations and volunteers he has championed activities to support vulnerable people.   

Corona Isolation

Corona Virus Self Isolation Support Group 

Support Charitable Organisations

Blood Donor Registrations Coordinated for Red Cross

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Parliamentary Submissions 

Indian Parliament Delegation

Representation to Amendment of Citizenship rules  

Representation for Australian Constitutional Review – Abuse of Dowry in Australia  

Accreditation of Community Languages in Australia 

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Leadership to Build  Community Facilities

Temple Plan

Krishna’s vision in establishing the Living Wellness Centre

Building Community Temple

India Centre

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Spiritual and Educational  Activities

Language School

Mental Health Services

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Businesses Empowerment

Taxi Owners

India-Australia Bilateral Promotion

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Inclusiveness and Events

Walk for the Farmers

AusIndia  Fair

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Dr Krishna NADIMPALLIOAM Liberal for Yerrabi. As a candidate of the Canberra Liberals for Yerrabi, I am interested to listen to your views on local and territory issues. The Canberra Liberals will make Canberra the best place to live, work and raise a family. If elected, we will: 
	1 Strengthen Canberra's economy to create more jobs and help families
	2 Reduce the cost of living by freezing rates
	3 Provide better access to reduce waiting times 
	4 Improve Transport to reduce commuting hours 
	5 Improve education standards 
	6 Protect the local environment for a sustainable future for all
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