Leadership to Build Community Facilities

 Krishna’s vision in establishing the Living Wellness Centre  

The vision of establishing the Art of Living (AOL) Wellness Centre in Canberra is to provide several programs through this facility. 

This is a volunteer and charitable facility to support several programs such as De-Addition, Cardio-Vascular, Diabetes, Cancer and other ailments through yoga, meditation and spiritual knowledge. The Wellness Centre also to support AOL courses such as Art of Happiness, Art of Silence, Art of Meditation, Sri Si Yoga, Art Excel, Know Your Child, Know Your Teen and many other to build a happy society.

Building Community Temple 

Providing leadership for the community to build a temple and a facility for religious practices and Vedic education by the communities in the Gungahlin region. 

The core aim of the temple is to meet the religious and spiritual needs and pass Vedic values and rituals to inter-generations. The facility is aimed to build temple for worship, as well as a heritage museum and a library. Krishna will coordinate with various interest groups to generate significant funding. 

As Founder and Chairman of Canberra Hindu Mandir, Krishna negotiated with the ACT Government to acquire land via the Direct Sale of Community Land scheme, resulting in the offer of 6000 sq meters of land in Moncrieff to build the facility. Now the focus is on uniting the community to raise significant funds for building.  

Temple Plan

India Centre 

The vision and aim of building community facilities for the Indian communities is significant. There is no facility in Australian Capital Territory for large communities to celebrate their functions and promote inclusiveness, although there are many smaller communities with social clubs.

But the Indian community has grown significantly since 2010 and requires a social club or a facility, the India Centre in Canberra. 

As President of FINACT, Krishna initiated a public consultation in January 2018 including the member associations, elected representatives, the High Commission of India and relevant officials, who have collected the vision of the centre and its requirements to prepare an options paper. They are seeking your input about strategic path for FINACT to represent the community in a better and focused manner.