Spiritual and Educational Activities

Krishna believes that Australia is the best country in which to showcase the One World Family. Every culture, faith, religion and community brings plenty of values and the nation respects all the goodness in them and diverse communities carry the richness of their language and values to teach the different generations. 

Language School

Krishna initiated   the Community Language School for Telugu when I was the President of TAC in 2013 and built a team of volunteers, a financial model for sustainability, adopted suitable curriculum and motivated parents to send their children for values-based language education. 

Mental Health Services

Krishna is concerned that 20 per cent of Australians suffer mental illness, most commonly depression, anxiety and substance use disorder. The expenditure on mental health in Australia is 9 billion dollars. Mental illness is also contributing to homelessness, suicides, addictions, increased prisoners etc. A simple solution to mitigate the trauma is developing inner strength through knowledge, meditation and breathing techniques.

As State Coordinator of Art of Living, Krishna has facilitated several courses including Prison SMART for prisoner rehabilitation. He gave and facilitated public talks on Mental Health and nurturing spirituality for global peace and mental health. Krishna organises the International Day of Yoga and Yogathon in Canberra.