Guaranteed Green Space in Canberra: One Million Trees Over 10 Years

July 31, 2020

In response to one of Canberra's biggest environmental challenges of continuous reduction of green spaces, the Canberra Liberals expressed its commitment to plant one million trees over the course of 10 years as a way to protect the local environment and to ensure a sustainable future for all.

ACT Liberal Leader Alistair Coe and Shadow Minister for Environment Elizabeth Lee voiced out the initiative of the Canberra Liberals Government to partner with community groups, schools and community-minded individuals to ensure Canberra lives up to its name and proud history as the Bush Capital.

Green Space Guarantee for All Canberrans

According to Mr. Coe, their long-term vision is to plant one million trees and preserve precious green space to ensure all Canberra families and community groups can enjoy the benefits of the fresh outdoors.

Similarly, Ms. Lee emphasised the role of such initiative stating that the most obvious benefits of trees are the role they play in carbon reduction, their shade and protection that can reduce temperatures in urban areas and of course, their natural beauty befitting the proud heritage of the Bush Capital.

This initiative is also supplemented by the Green Space Guarantee to make sure that in every suburb, apartments and town centres there is precious green space for families and community groups to spread their wings and enjoy their natural surroundings.

Canberrans are said to take part in the said initiative as community groups, local businesses, schools and community-minded residents have all expressed their excitement and eagerness for one million trees.

Shadow Minister for Planning Mark Parton explained that the provisions of the Green Space Guarantee will ensure fresh, healthy and modern suburbs throughout the Bush Capital. According to him, all Canberrans deserve equal access to green spaces – no matter what suburb they live in.

Future-Proofing Amid Bushfire and COVID-19

The Canberra Liberals said that the initiative was influenced by the consecutive challenges experienced in both in the national and global landscape. Mr. Coe explained that the devastating bushfire season and Coronavirus has reminded them of how precious the natural environment is for the health and wellbeing of local communities.

They then promised to future-proof the Bush Capital to ensure a sustainable future for all Canberrans with these real and practical measures.

Preventing the Removal of Green Spaces

The Canberra Liberals also expressed their concern with the continuous removal of green spaces. According to Mr. Coe, under 19 years of Labor, the number of street and community trees has gone backwards by around 3000 trees each year, and tree canopy has been slashed from 30 per cent to 21 per cent. And no more obvious is Labor’s neglect of trees than in our new suburbs.

“Nobody wants to live in concrete suburbs but that’s increasingly what’s on offer thanks to 19 years of Labor’s same old tired thinking," Mr. Coe stated.    Being an environmental scientist Dr Nadimpalli knows the value of Guaranteed Green Space. He reiterates that the Guaranteed Green Space is a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable environment. It lays out how to “build back better” – through stronger science, policies that back a healthier environment. Guaranteed Green Space will create more.

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